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Method Statement - Resin Bound Stone Carpeting 

1. Surface

Examine the area where the material is to be applied, ensuring it is dry clean and of sound construction.

Complete all preapplication work, if necessary, such as making good the surface with concrete and fibre mix and/or surface primer.

If necessary, mask all surrounding ironwork etc, then fix retaining metalwork beading.

2. Materials and Material Preparation

Ensure that there are sufficient materials on hand, or to be delivered, to complete the requested/ordered works.

All materials must be stored or delivered at the ambient temperature of the surrounding area.

Mix and blend the Base Resin and activator, ensuring that both are thoroughly mixed and blended together. Mix and blend for approximately 5 minutes or as advised on the Product Description Sheet.

Whilst mixing and blending the Base Resin, fill the Forced Action Mixer (typically a Soroto 120L) with the desired aggregate and mix for 1 or 2 minutes to ensure an even mix of aggregate. Add any specific stone colourant requested and mix for a further 2 minutes. Pour the premixed Base Resin into the Forced Action Mixer with the aggregate and mix until all aggregate surfaces are completely covered and, the mix is evenly blended.

Move the plastic sheet lined wheelbarrow into position by the Forced Action Mixer discharge porthole and, using the fitted discharge lever, discharge the contents of the Forced Action Mixer into the wheelbarrow.

3. Application

Discharge the now prepared surface material onto the area to be covered.

Level, consolidate and evenly spread the material using a Bullnose Trowel and Rake ensuring the area is completely and even covered smoothing out any irregularities to achieve a premium surface finish.

4. Completion

The newly laid surface material will harden to a hard and sustainable surface after a period of time dependant upon the prevailing weather conditions and temperature, typically 24 hours. It is important to inform the client not to use the newly laid surface for a period of at least 24 hours (longer if preferred).

All tools, including the Forced Action Mixer, should now be cleaned and prepared for the next load or job.

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